Solar System Capacity :5.0 KW (5000 Watts)Primex solar inverters 5 kw
Number of Panels : 20 X 250 watt German engineered Polycristalline  solar panels
Inverter Capacity : 5.0 KW (5000 Watts) high quality inverter with 10 years warranty
Roof Area Required : 36.0 square meters

Racking Configurations in this kit
1 row x 20 panels
2 rows x 10 panels
3 rows x 7 panels (one row 6)

We will provide high quality solar panels in the 250w-260w range.  These will carry 25yr linear warranties guaranteeing performance over the life of the panels. They convert sunlight to DC electric power through the photoelectric effect. The cells are mounted on strengthened glass and framed in aluminium; resulting in a strong, stable, and easy material to work with. And also we have a range of high quality inverters which converts the DC power generated by solar modules into household AC power.

(For special configurations, please contact us)

prime solar system diagram